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It is a web-delivered software application built using common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Assembly. It is designed to work on any platform with a standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile devices, making it compatible with any device, taking up no storage space, operating similar to a native mobile app, and publishing to Digital distribution systems such as the Apple App Store or Google Play are optional.


A native app is a mobile app built with a specific programming language for a particular mobile operating system (iOS or Android OS). This means that if a native app is created only for the Android operating system, it will not appear in the APPLE APP Store or work on an iOS phone and opositive.

MOMUWAP offer you three diferent options, check this out:


VCARD stands for "Virtual Card" and is a digital record that stores contact information, product, food menu, social sharing, a form document (PDF) or any "virtual business card" and can be transferred from one device to another, using text messages, email or reading a QR code with the camera or QR Reader APP, does not use storage and can be customized like any other software.

Mobile App’s

Different modalities of mobile applications, we can design native or hybrid applications either specifically for an IOS/Android operating system or both and we can also offer you PWA’s applications with push messages and other functions.

Android Mobile App's

IOS Mobile App's

IOS/Android Mobile App's

PWA's Mobile App's

Get your budget without any commitment, we will only require some technical information such as the number of functions and pages you need, with this we will take care of everything, we are waiting for you….



- QuickBooks.

- Slack.

- Evernote.

- Twilio.

- Youtube.

- Google Maps.

- Social Media.

- Docusign.

- Freshdesk.

- Gsheets.

- HubSpot.

- Intercom.

- ZenDesk.

- MailChimp.

- Mixpanel.

- Outlook, and others.


How can be affected your estimate?

Here are some reasons why you can increase your estimate:

- Plataform: Android, IOS or PWA to  Crowdbotics.

- Design Needs: Special Image 3D design and others.

- Security: Protect your users sensitive information.

- Admin Funtionality: Create a differents users with differents permissions.

- Overall Complexity : Add custom logic, Algorithms and other Data or lenguage manipulation.



We can help you with:

- Integrations.

- Custom Design.

- Logo brand.

- Special Functions.

- Lenguage and Frameworks.

- Features.

- Data Storage.


Our design and process

Strategy & Roadmap.

We will send you a form with a few questions about your project, this will be treated from the beginning with great confidentiality, your idea will be protected as if it were ours, we will talk about your project and its details to arrive at the exact thing you need.

Visual & UX Design

We have the best strategies and integration methods to facilitate the utility and increase the interest of users, being efficient we create a friendly and functional environment that your users will love.


We have a group of expert professionals in web design and mobile apps, we are ready to make your idea grow and help you perfect it, we can offer you different integration options, contact us to receive more details.

Launch & Monitor

We have an initiation and monitoring process in which we will be visualizing the development of your application from the beginning of its operation to guarantee its effectiveness, give you the scoop and help you with any questions or modifications that you want to execute before going to productivity.

What We Build For?


Food & Drink




Sports & Fitness

Real Estate




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Fun fact about mobile App’s?


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